When you become our partner, we learn your business inside out. We train our team to be your team. Our offerings are unique, in that we do not charge you by the minute or the hour. Instead, we charge a flat fee that includes a set number of interactions per month. Because we charge only once for a ticket, this means we must commit to resolving the issue right away. If we don't, we eat the cost for you. 

Our engagements are offered on retainer. This means you pay up front for your services and this locks in your time with our team. We will provide coverage for a set number of contacts. If you do not use all of your contacts for the period, the contacts roll over and are available for you to use for up to 3 months so long as your contract is active. If you go over, we will charge a fee for each contact. With your weekly updates, you'll be made aware of how you're trending and you'd also have the option to suspend service to protect your budget.