Related to Customer Experience Team:

The WorkForce Pro offers less than part-time support (if you can imagine that). We have a minimum of 100 contacts per month, but if you're not quite there, we can roll over those contacts for up to 3 months long as your account is active. We can support up to 5,000 of your contacts each month.

Related to a Customer Experience Business Partner (regardless of focus):

Our CXBP offering is not a traditional Consulting engagement. As the Client, you can choose how engaged (or not engaged) we are in your process. We work on retainer, not by the hour, though we will make exceptions in certain scenarios.

  • Guidance is designed for Businesses with boots on the ground, who simply need guidance from a subject matter expert. Imagine the work is 25% done for you.
  • Partnership is designed for Businesses without enough boots on the ground, who could use a hand from a dedicated partner. Imagine the work is 50% done for you.
  • Businesses without boots on the ground, who need help getting results quickly and accurately. Imagine the work is 75% done for you.

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