Contact centers can be expensive if you're in fire-fighting mode. We move you from fire-fighting to fire prevention by offering one time (setup) or done for you services for building your contact center for scale. We specialize in hypergrowth environments, delivering results in about half the time. 

In today's world, an Omnichannel support strategy is a must. Do you know how your customers prefer to contact you? Are you setup to help them reach you the way they want to? We can help you choose and implement the right omnichannel support system for unified communications.

Through Workforce Management, we can generate an ROI upwards of 500% by forecasting your workload and telling you how many people to hire, for which channels and skills and when. We'll also help you create a schedule that gets people in place when you need them most.

Training (Learning & Development) is a key factor in the success of your team. If you're currently using the buddy system for training, your new hires are learning various ways to do the work, none of which may be the correct method. We will setup an e-learning for your team to leverage on demand that not only teaches new hires how to do the work, but also how to work with you.

Quality Assurance is critical to the success of your team. We have partnerships where you can have 100% of our contacts quality assured for 20% or less of the cost of one Quality Assurance analyst.