This call may be monitored for Quality Assurance.... for Training Purposes.... to ensure a great Customer Experience... but why?

If any of the following describes your business, you're in the right place:

  • You've received complaints about the Customer Experience but you have no way to validate it's validity.

  • If the interaction with the Customer wasn't in writing, you have no way no play back ability.

  • There's no way to determine what a "great" engagement looks or sounds like as there is no point of reference, or success criteria.

Quality Assurance has two purposes, and neither are Big Brother contrary to popular belief. The purpose of Quality Assurance is to ensure your employees clearly understand your processes and are delivering the best possible Customer Experience. 

Customers benefit from quality when they receive a consistent, trustworthy experience with a company. 

Feedback received during your QA process should go back to your Learning & Development team to improve upon training processes. Engagements that could have gone better are not a loss. Look at them as an opportunity to build a culture of continuous improvement.

You may opt to build your Quality Assurance team internally. We can help you lay out a process and develop a scorecard by which you will measure success.

If you decide to have this process handled by a 3rd party (our recommendation), we can connect you with a service that does this through API integration using AI, or a service that has actual humans reviewing your engagements and scoring them for you.