Workflow Optimization

  • Review of current workflow and organizational structure.

  • Identify opportunities to improve employee and customer experience with more efficient workflows.

  • Review of current tools and systems will provide recommendations on the best tools to do more with less (up to 5 tools assessed).

  • Roadmap for future organizational structure and design required for scaling Customer Success.

  • Documented workflows of customer experience, entry points, activities performed (including follow up and workshops), owners, outcomes and survey requirements.

  • Recommended Service Level Agreements for improved customer experience and better employee accountability.

  • Gap analysis on tools and processes (will include roles and expectations).

Add on for Workflow Optimization

  • Quick wins or enhancements to current tools to provide leadership with better insights on customer experience and employee performance. This includes the following:

    • Re-design/creation of canned responses (up to 10)

    • Workflows (up to 10) to improve insights for leadership and make for a better customer experience (faster response times and resolutions).

  • Enhancements to the website to get customer inquiries to the right group for support needs