I just wrapped up a Zendesk Reconfiguration and during the process, I introduced live chat as an option for my client. As I prepared the team for handling this new channel, I shared a few best practices with them, and I thought maybe someone else would benefit from hearing this same information… so I’m sharing 4 tips that may help you when you’re launching chat as a new channel. Good luck!

Something to keep in mind when customers use chat as an option for contacting you: Customers will seek to communicate their need to you in the most concise manner possible, this may lead to confusion. Be sure to ask the customer to take their time when messaging.

  1. You will be able to message each other at the same time. This means responses to questions may come out of order. Do your best to wait for a full response before asking the next question.

  2. Customers may not be as quick on the keys as you are. For this reason, some people may opt to work more than one chat at once. Remember, you can always work a ticket as you’re awaiting a customer’s response.

  3. If a customer takes more than 5 minutes or more to respond, it’s polite to ask if they still need help (this can be automated) and wait another 2 minutes before disconnecting. Be sure to let them know they can come back at any time to continue the conversation.

  4. If you and the Customer are not understanding one another, it’s fine to ask to switch channels. Perhaps a phone call would be better. You may also want to use a tool like Loom to record a video to speak directly to the customer and provide a visual. If you opt to use Loom, be sure no information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or any other private information is shared.